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Not sure what some of the classes are? See our below descriptions:

2016 GCSC Show Season

Class Descriptions

Musical Statues ( 12 and under)

            Riders enter and space themselves around the ring and stand.  When the music begins, riders will begin to move their horses out at a walk.  When the music stops, riders must halt, and remain standing until the music begins again.  At the judge’s signal, riders may be reversed and continue with the walk, halt pattern.  Rider will be judged on his ability to control his horse and response to the stop-go signals in a timely manner.

Ride-a-buck Challenge (open)

            This challenged is performed bareback with a dollar bill held between the rider’s KNEE and the horse’s side.  Once the dollar bill is positioned, it may not be touched again. Each rider provides his own bill.  When a rider loses his bill, he retires to the center of the ring.  Class continues until only one rider remains.  The winner receives all the dollar bills.

Water Challenge (open)

            Riders are provided a full cup of water after they enter the ring.  Object is to perform the gaits called by the judge while balancing the cup of water.  Riders may be asked to walk, trot, canter.  Winner is the one whose cup if the fullest at the end of the class.

Dolly Parton Challenge (open)

            Rider is to put on a bra and insert water-filled balloons into the cups.  At the “

‘GO’ signal, rider races to the end of the arena and back.  Fastest time wins.  THE WATER BALLOONS MUST REMAIN INTACT TO WIN.

Four Gait Race  (open)

            On the signal, rider will WALK to the end of the arena, turn and TROT back, turn and CANTER to the end, halt, dismount and  ON FOOT lead horse back as quickly as possible.

Panty Race (open)

            Rider races to the end of the arena, dismounts and puts on a pair of pants, remounts and races back.

Cup Cake Race (open) Partners

            Two riders race to the end of the arena, each picks up a cupcake and feeds it to his partner.  The entire cupcake must be at least “in your mouth” before you race to the end.

Buddy Pick-up (open) Partners

            Mounted rider races to the end of the arena where the partner is at/on a barrel.  Mounted rider assists partner to the back of the horse and both race to the end.  Fastest time wins IF BOTH RIDERS ARE STILL ON THE HORSE.

Flag Race (open)

                        Rider races to the first barrel and obtains a flag,  races to the second barrel and places the flag there, then races to the end. 5 second penalty for dropping the flag.

5-Point Potato Race (open)  see diagram of pattern

            Rider picks up a potato at barrel #1, ride to #2 and drop in bucket, ride to #3 and obtain a potato, ride to #4 and drop potato in bucket.  Ride to #5 pick up and potato and drop it in the #1 bucket. Race to the end.

Penalty: drop a potato= 5 seconds,  miss a bucket= 5 seconds, off course= 5 seconds.

Keyhole Race (open)

            Rider races to the end of the arena, circles the barrel and returns.  Horse must pass through the ‘keyhole’ on the approach and the return.  See diagram

Ranch Pleasure (open)

          AQHA Pattern #1  See diagram

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